It is time to weigh in

BP disaster and war with Israel These two events are at the top of the news.  But are they some how connected? For thousands of years God has had a controversy with Israel. Why? Because it was in Jerusalem where He chose to place His name. Consequently; since on earth God uses human agency, He […]

Excessive-Laying the Axe to the Root

There should be no health care reform without dealing with the tendency in humans to be excessive. That Americans are obsessed with food is evident in the obesity. That mankind is obsessed with sex is evident in the porn industry as seen on the internet. That Wall Street is excessive in its lust for money […]

An Incontrovertible Truth

There is no doubt that the general populace bought hard the charming Barrack Hussein Obama and Al Gore’s, award winning-Inconvenient Truth. Wow, did we eat it up and swallow. Why? (Maybe you are die hard and still do not want to wake up, and are holding out to a growing and rapidly diminishing hope). I […]

And Ye shall Know the Truth

The question from the URL to the u-tube video, was it a piece of propaganda or was it reliable news reporting?   I would have to say, in truth as a film producer that it was heavily edited and sharply slanted to the right of the political spectrum. So, in that regard you would have […]