Laying the Axe to the Root

Posted on April 2, 2009 by Ken Klein 8 Comments

Taking Heed

One of the more obscure passages of the Revelation of John is in Rev. 17:15-17

“Then he said to me the “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples multitudes nations and tongues. And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the Harlot, make her desolate and naked eat her flesh and burn her with fire, for God has put into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled, and the women who you saw is the great city over the kings of the earth.” Rev 15-17 (note: the great city is not a literal city, but rather ancient Nimrod’s Babylon the system of which has filled the whole earth)

In light of recent events we have just observed a pre-cursor to the ancient Biblical prediction that there would come a time when “The Beast would overthrow the Harlot”

If you have been following along with our proceedings in the Luciferian Codes and/or the films,“ In the Shadow of Babylon” (the great whore/harlot), and “Cracking the Prophetic Code, a revelation of the United States in prophecy, then you would have constructed in your mind a foundation for the understanding of the interpretation of the above scripture. If you have done that, perhaps you have jumped ahead of the class making the connection of recent current events with apocalyptic writing/revelation. If not you have some catching up to do.

Apocalyptic writing is a code in symbolic form. The women or harlot or whore in Revelation is a depiction of a system of commerce and religion. These two sectors of the world’s activities are dominant mind control systems. For what is more controlling over the human race than religion and money (commerce)? They are whores, or combined, represented by the great whore of Revelation. The beast on the other hand is a symbolic representation of all the world’s empires, beginning with Egypt down through our present time. (For a full explanation you must get our films and also the Luciferian Codes CD’s)

The point is, in Rev. 17, the beast will over-throw the harlot ; symbolically speaking.

As I said we have just witnessed a pre-cursor of this symbolic prediction. Three days ago the beast (the political system ) took over the largest corporation in the world (General Motors), by overthrowing the CEO of the company, making the president of the United States ( a representation of the beast) the commandeering and chief over the commercial enterprise General Motors; a representation of the whore.

In addition currently the beast is preparing to tax the religious whore and at the same time all 501c3 organizations. The entity that can tax is in control.

Keep watching,



  • oneofthefew says:


    How close do you truly think we are to a one world economy? And also have you ever read anything by Joel Rosenberg? His book Epicenter goes into detail about the prophecy in Ezekiel. You two are the only ones who make any sense and do not sound crazy when it comes to deciphiring the prophecy in the Bible.

    I Enjoy your blog and DVDs.

  • alharmon says:

    I have been thinking about the UPC code, RF chips, and other means of
    “branding” those who are lost. Also, after taking note of the worshipful attitudes of people towards Obama, for example, the mural showing Obama with a crown of thorns on his head, I have wondered if the unbelievers might enact the branding of all people merely to take more power away from Christians. They obviously don’t care about mocking Christ with an idolic image of Obama to rub it in Christians faces. After all, Christians will not allow themselves to be branded, so therefore it would make sense for those who want to take power away from Christians to force this issue. So basically, those who are anti christian can trick the unbelieving “sheep” into doing anything they want by making it a means to strip the Christians power from politics. Am I being vague?

  • sonicson says:

    maybe the problem is when sheep start trying to be shepherds.
    who says Christians should seek a foothold in political power anyway.

  • alharmon says:

    We are supposed to be the salt of the earth. We are also supposed to resist the devil. In order to do both we have to be political. After all, how will the world know something is against God’s will if no one tells them? How can we resist the devil and all his ways if we ignore the devil’s activities in the world.

    Of course we could always act like monks and turn our backs on the world and watch billions go to hell without giving any kind of warning or fight.

  • ignoble says:

    Hello Ken,
    I just read your piece “Taking heed.” Very interesting stuff you write about. In it, I read that the harlot is a combination of the commercial system and religion. Rev. 18:9 11 informs us who isn`t the harlot, by stating “the kings of earth,” (Governments) and “the traveling merchants,”(the commercial system) stand at a distance to watch her (religion) burn, and fearing her fate. Out of the three entities, that rule the earth, God has a real problem with all of them, but leaves false religion depicted as the “great harlot,” it is her that is supposed to be the bride of Christ, not the commercial system, she has become a great harlot, instead of a pure bride. She has betrayed Christ and is now being dealt death blows and will very soon be absent from society. Rev. 17:16 states “they will make Her devastated and naked.” This is exactly what we see in the works now. Take notice how the evening news will make her naked in the coming months, constantly painting religion black, exposing her relentlessly, with no way of stopping it. To reduce shock value and thwart off civil unrest, the government, using a more than willing news media, are preparing everyone for the day in the near future when religion goes down (via the governments). Religion as a whole has become an abomination and will not repent,to her very end. Anyone so inclined should read Rev.chapters 16, 17, & 18 for insight to what is happening right now on earth. Just as in the days of the great exodus, the humankind finds itself in the middle of seven plagues, only this time the outcome is on a worldwide scale, affecting everyone. Just as in the exodus days, every calamity that befalls earth,is an issue with our Creator and has a relevant message for mankind, with the same purpose, to get mankind to repent. So, we can expect one calamity after another, each with it`s own message, ending with a righteous new world order with Christ as head and victor. As far as the commercial system, it is being dismantled before our eyes. Will the economy get better? Notice Rev. 18:14 says never will riches be found again! So, no, the economy will not be getting better. That leaves the kings of earth (governments) they are the last to be dealt with by God, as to date,they are still “Dancing on the deck of the Titanic,” and their fate no better than the other two.
    You are an interesting guy, Ken. Whether or not we see everything the same or not, does matter, but what I know about you is this, “you have thought about what you are about and although you don`t know if you have the courage or not to stand firm under all conditions, you firmly believe it could end up a life or death issue and yet you continue! With what hopes do you continue?” I make supplications to the Father on your behalf, for discernment and endurance, as well as for those who are inclined toward the Father, and myself.
    Have a good one!

  • Whos Who says:

    I have studied the Bible for 45 years and it has never made sense to me .

    Maybe this new study with Ken will open up the truth I’ve searched for . I ordered the ‘Angels Wars today .

    I know there is a spiritual world because of things I’ve personally experianced .

  • Sharon says:

    God has said that His Word will never pass away. I wondered why, with all the events that have taken place, does the Bible only carry a certain amount of Scripts. I know that there have been some witheld but I also believe that God allows things to happen..for a reason, and that is why I know that co-incidences don’t exist. That Book is a Masterpiece (literally) and is written in a way that ALL answers are found in it! When read in the Spirit, hence understanding, one can see that there are NO discrepancies. For example..if one was to ask..’where does it write about the IVF (fertilization program) that we have today?’ Yes, it is there..’and the barren woman will have seven in the womb..’. One would see that (in black and white) as the description if IVF…but there is a higher’eyes and ears will be opened’..and that will make that verse mean something else to those that are shown. To ‘worship in the Spirit’ takes one on a higher plain and a simple verse can become so intense (depending on what level it is heard/told). God speaks of this ‘hidden knowledge’ and that, not everyone will see..but to worship in the Spirit means that you won’t need to be taught by a fact, one would have overtaken some of the religious instructors in knowledge and understanding..hence the Word..’Do not call anyone teacher, as I Am your only Teacher..’
    There are many man-made laws in the religious organizations out there and the immergence of all the dieties is another ‘strategy’ to drag people from the protection of Jesus..the One True connection to God Himself! The impression that some witnesses/abductees have gotten from the ‘visitor’ is that ‘they’ are responsible for all the earth’s religions. This, in a way is true as the more they drag people away from the One that ‘they’ are subject to, the more ‘unprotected control’ they have of the people.

    There is a one world religion being prepared CHECK>>>>

    Once again I have just blurted out things..I have my head full at Times and there are so many areas involved (all at once), that it is sometimes difficult to put it in just one paragraph!
    Thankyou for your Time..Sharon.

    There is talk of the witnessing of ufo’s underground..under the the galaxy and on the earth…then this may have more meaning to some now…’and all that is ON the earth, UNDER the earth, IN the heavens and UNDER the oceans…will bend their knee to HIM..’!!!

  • Sharon says:

    There is something that Jesus said..’sell all your things and follow Me’ and when the man found that request too hard, He went on to say..’how hard is it for a rich man to get into heaven..’. Put that verse with the rfid chip..the one that you ‘can’t buy or sell without’. By not taking the chip (which will be forced upon martial law situation or just eradicating all money), means one would have to give up everything they own. You wouldn’t be able to buy food, water, schooling, transport…you wouldn’t be able to grow your own food as you can’t pay land tax therefore land will be taken from you..etc. How much harder would it be for some of the ‘rich’ to give up all they have as they have more material things in their possessions. Just like the man in the verse I mentioned. How much easier for the humble to go without as they have little to give up. Even there, God has made it easier for us.
    Ecc..has said ‘there is nothing new under the sun..that everything has been done before’ Just as the egyptians(who wore the mark of the beast..the serpent on their foreheads) kept God’s people in slavery and God went through to that Time frame and saved them (not unlike stargate), so again is the ‘mark of the beast’ going to enslave the people..but this Time will be the last!
    There is a ‘must see’ vid…ie..’the brain chip a prison for your mind’. This vid. shows the birthing of telepathy..the taking of individuality and the adding of virtual reality as a type of drug that will lead to mental torment. A person will no more be able to tell their own thoughts to those of the thoughts around them..and remember..there is always someone on the mainframe..not to mention hackers. The verse..’and those who take the mark will be tortured day and night…’ has a higher meaning to me now!! Thankyou for listening…Sharon.

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