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It is time to weigh in

Posted on 08/15/11 by Ken Klein No Comments

BP disaster and war with Israel These two events are at the top of the news.  But are they some how connected? For thousands of years God has had a controversy with Israel. Why? Because it was in Jerusalem where He chose to place His name. Consequently; since on earth God uses human agency, He […]

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America in Prophecy

Posted on 08/09/11 by Ken Klein No Comments

America in Prophecy For the most part American Biblical scholars take the position that the United States is simply not in the Bible. They have reasons why they believe this. One of which, they say, is that you simply cannot see any clear reference to the United States in scripture. Secondly they feel that according […]

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The Last Days

Posted on 10/06/09 by Ken Klein 12 Comments

Dear Friends, One of the great doctrines out there and for some time has been the teachings of “the last days.” We have a movement today, where there has even been an institution set up to maintain and defend this viewpoint. But just as sound bites are statements taken out of context and photo-ops utilized […]

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God or Mammon?

Posted on 11/26/08 by Ken Klein 13 Comments

As we witness the deterioration of the world’s economic system (Iceland and Eastern Europe are now bankrupted) and here in the United States we observe thousands of homes falling into foreclosure, there is the tendency to extrapolate and wonder what would happen in the United States if the country enters into a hyper inflationary state. […]

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Wheels within the Wheels

Posted on 05/14/08 by Ken Klein 4 Comments

One of the most mysterious sections of the Old Testament was a vision that the great Prophet Ezekiel had as he was standing by the river Chebar.  This particular vision has been guessed at by many, but few if any,  really know what is the meaning of what Ezekiel while in a spirit/trance saw.  The most […]

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