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Post Production

Posted on 02/13/08 by Ken Klein No Comments

Dear Friends, Please bear with me.  I have been working very feverisly on the third pyramid film called The Great Pyramid-Gateway to the Galaxy. The film is nearing completion and we are well into the post produtin stage.  We have a deadline approaching like an oncoming train.  Consequently, I haven’t been able to write many […]

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Intelligent Question

Posted on 02/07/08 by Ken Klein No Comments

Every once in while we get really smart people asking really smart questions.  I thought I would pass this on to you. Hi Ken, I hope you and yours are well, and learning to bear the beams of God’s love. In my search, and study of your thoughts, I ran across this difficulty. In Job […]

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Ken…You’ve almost got it!

Posted on 01/15/08 by Ken Klein 3 Comments

I’ve posted this letter because I thought you all would be interested as to the kind of letters that come to me daily.  Here it is.  I’ve not included the name of the person and have deleted it from the letter, but it is an actual letter… trust me. Dear Ken, I heard you again […]

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Response to Sabbath Question

Posted on 12/28/07 by Ken Klein 1 Comment

Here is a response to our blogs on the Sabbath that I thought should be responded to, so I am posting it for all to follow. Comment by timt on 12/27/07  Ken, I think I understand your point, that is, the way in which the evil one has used this issue, the Sabbath day, to […]

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