The Silent War

The Silent War

Throughout the scriptures there is a constant theme that is unmistakeable. We do well to take heed. Let me give you several scriptures that point to this spiritual reality.

This one is a hallmark scripture that has resided over my life since I was twenty-five years old. To bad it took me so many years to wake up. The scripture is in 2 Timothy 2-3. “Thou therefore Timothy endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that wars entangles himself in the affair of this life.”

This scripture along with many others describes a war that is going on that most people on the planet are not aware even exists. That is because it is unlike any other hot war that we can see with our eyes, or hear with our ears. In a sense it is a silent war; it is a spiritual war.

It is a war that takes place in our minds. It is a war more dangerous than a hot war. It is a war for your soul. The word soul comes form the Greek word psyche. The battle ground again is in the psyche or mind. We are under attack constantly, and for the most part we have no idea that our pockets are being picked.

The first step in arming ourselves is to wake up and understand that there is a war. If we cannot accept this spiritual fact we have no chance. We will be deceived for the whole of our earthly lives, and our soul will be broken into and brought down.

From the time we enter; the moment we enter this life; just like the NSA watches us today, we are tracked and studied by antagonistic agents ( fallen angels) that spy on our psyche. Their objective is to invade our very being, seeking to possess us. The fact of demon possession speaks of their successful raid and war on the psyches of unsuspecting humans. If you do not believe in this silent war just look at these unfortunate souls who become possessed. They are a stark reminder that the war is real.

The sad fact is we all have some of these satanic hooks in us, but we tend not to think that we also also causalities of this silent war. We are all under attack. How much devastation has occurred in your soul? Are you willing to investigate yourself? Have you been broken into? Have you been wared against, and not been aware? If our soul has been invaded by dark forces the good news is that God is the One who will restore our soul.

He restores and builds back up our soul through the work of the Holy Spirit who works in conjunction with His Word. When you hold the Word up it acts like a mirror for the inner man; it is the only way we can really see our true self. Prepare to be armed.