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I been wanting to write this article for some time.  Several days ago I ran into an old friend who is now 78 years old and suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  I was riding my bike and noticed him as I passed by, so I was excited to stop and talk with he and his wife.  I hadn’t seen the man in 15 years.  I had good memories of this man as he bought me my first suit when I was very poor.  We were both part of a great “organized” church in the 70’s.  He began to tell me how that church was falling apart, and had become very controlled oriented.

I am bringing this up, because it points out something that is expressed in the book of Revelation beginning in the in the 2nd chapter concerning the church at Ephesus.  The Lord congratulates that church for hating the teachings of the Nicolaitanes. The Lord chides the church for leaving it s first love, but commends them for hating the deeds of the Nicolaitanes.  Later, the Lord speaks to the church of Pergamos about the same matter, but now the deeds had evolved and become doctrines.

Who were the Nicolaitanes and why the indictment, and how do we apply this matter to today?

Nicolas of Antioch was a man who believed he had superior revelations from God, and hence considered himself aloof and above the average layman of his time.  Because of his high opinion of himself and those who submitted to his views, doctrines and were initiated into these disciplines, there developed a clerical system; hence a clergy and a laity.

The deeds of this ennobled priesthood evolved to such a degree that there came a designated priesthood that one could enter into were he so led.  Hence the evolution from deeds to doctrines…..

but the Bible teaches of no such thing.  There is no clergy class that distinguishes itself from a laity.  The meaning of Niclolaitanes is to be understood as a distinct people who have escaped the laity.  Either we are all clergy, or all laity, there is no distinction nor two class system in Christ.

Nico -to escape- laitanes -the laity.  The Nicolaitanes system is to be overcome.

Today, by and large, the visible church is in a state of Nicolaitanism.  The problem for most people is where can we go to church, because they fear the scripture in the book of Hebrews that says..

” let us stimulate one another unto faith and good works not the forsaking of our selves together as the manner of some is,  but even so much the more as we see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25

So,… not wanting to disobey, people go to an organized church out of a legal constraint.  But what is assembling?  Jesus said it best, “When two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst.” Two or three suggest “a congregation” just as well as five hundreds or even thousands.  But the mistaken assumption is that unless it is organized and formal it doesn’t constitute a church, and therfore not going to the bigger assembling is a violation of obedience to the scripture.

We think erronously that going to an organized church is the only way to have viable fellowship.  Much of that assumption comes from a mental theatre of a spiritual laziness,  because we do not believe that we can actually feed ourselves, and if you do not go to the organized church you will not grow.

There are alot of people in the organized church that stopped growing long ago.

But by subsidizing the existing church system with our  “required tithe” and the pressure to financial support the Nicholatian church system we may be doing more harm than good.  Why? Because it perpetuates a false “Nicholiatan priesthood,” and the notion that only a pastor/priest can hear from God.

He that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. Rev. 2: 7


  • jargon337 says:

    excellent explanation.

  • otumofet says:

    The Message to the Church of Ephesus burns in me like fire. With this passage, I thought, God’s main concern was the lack of love in the church, of course, first towards God and then towards one another. If we say that we love God but don’t love our brothers, then we don’t truly love Him.

    Yes, I agree, church leaders are very controlled oriented and Christians are easily manipulated. I see that people in congregations don’t process information. “Believers” think and act in masses. Unfortunately they also don’t test the teachings. We must always go to the Word, which in the end, It has the last word. At times when I see where the church is headed I wish I could do as the prophets did, shave my head, cover myself in ashes, weep, fast and pray… but I don’t and I get really, really depressed.

    On the issue of studying the Word with others where I could quench my thirst and hunger for God (“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God”) I feel somewhat abandoned…shepherless. The church leader of my congregation doesn’t preach on Wednesday and he doesn’t allow the formation of Bible study groups and I sense he is motivated by this desire to better control his people.

    Isaiah 57:10-11 reminds me of what is going on with the church: “For the leaders of my people, the Lord’s watchmenm his shepherds, are blind and ignorant… Like greedy dogs they are never satisfied. They are ignorant shepherds, all following their own path and intent on personal gain”.

    I can’t wait for the day when God will honor His Glorious and Holy Name.

  • Pamuk says:

    I was asked to check out your comments by a friend in the US and I found that I am not alone in my observations of the ‘churches’ today.
    I think it is hard for many Christians to go against the grain (of established institutions) and stand their ground.
    I have complained many times to the Lord Himself down the years that my own faith had been chipped away when attending churches and was much stronger when I spent time alone with Him.
    Down the years He has taught me and strengthened me – putting a steel rod in my backbone, He once told me. Now I see that the arguments and ‘accusations’ by mainstream institutions: which used to hurt greatly, are a manifestation of their own weak faith! Or, as the Lord showed me in one or two places, ‘They prefer recognition by men rather than by Me’.
    True, as Ecclesiastes says, ‘There is nothing new under the sun’. Jesus Himself and the disciples went through the same accusations because they could not be boxed in and labeled.
    I warned my first pastor never to try and put me in a box because I would not fit, he thought it was brilliant!
    It all boils down to whom do you love more?
    I look forward to reading more articles.

  • Naty says:


    This is unrelated to this post. But I wanted to know what church is Ken Klein Ministries associated with? Is there a specific church is is it to each his own here? Thanks.

  • ifofrank says:

    All my Life, I wanted to be like my suit wearing & successful Dad who is good in Business, little did I know that God has another plan for me. To show his Glory through me. After 25 years of living, now I realize why I was named Ifechukwu. Every time I try to contradict God’s plan, something bad happens to me. For example, wanted to join the U.S. Air force, broke my knee, MRI shows nothing but my knee hurts like it’s broken.
    2008, the Lord showed his power in the middle of the night, I repented but I was still in denial like Jonah.
    A man can’t run forever from God’s call…….He has been the one protecting all the past few years of fast living.
    I began to wonder what the number 7 meant because the holy spirit wakes me up at night to pray & after this…I look at the time to add the number ex. 3:04 am …it gives me 7…….I read that 7 meant completion in Hebrew God’s number. A prophetess also told me about the meaning of 7. Soon…I was been investigated by the American Secret Service..due to an email I wrote about a vision I saw in past Job as a Case Manager. The agents would try to duplicate God’s sign by driving around in front of me with Car plate numbers ex. WR716X…adding up to multiples of 7… This is an act of Mocking God…made me angry but I adapted to human cleverness which is stupidity in God’s eyes. I noticed that Anybody that trys to hurt me ….God eventually hurts one way or another.

    Soon…disasters started occurring like the Yemen Plan Crash 626 (adding up to 14 multiple of 7) where again a 14 years old girl survives (Cnn had it as a 13 yrs old girl…..London guardian had it as 14yrs, msnbc had it as 14yrs old girl, Fox News had as 14 yrs old girl)…then the Tehran election …at first 7 ppl killed. 2008…it was the U.S. stock market going down 700 points, Italian train crash…. 14 ppl died at first…..I believe these are signs for Humanity to repent of our terrible sins, this includes me because I use to mock Christ followers in the past.

    I pray for God to forgive those that are after me……if only they knew the powerful force behind me & around me ..they wouldn’t come after me or try to turn ppl in job or my friends against me. Media controlled by the Govt. would have mockery news like “70,000 bees invades Kansas Church”…Come on!!! Go & deceive the American ppl like you always do…not me…You can’t count 70000 bees, are you serious?????? bee number 1 …bee number 6001…????

    I was reading Revelations 13 vs. 18….what is the meaning of 666? thanks to an insight from a documentary called cracking the prophetic code
    …..I know that 700 is God’s number…so I tried 700 minus 34 equals 666…still doesn’t make sense…then after a while, here is what I discovered 700 minus 35 equals 665 is still God’s number…multiples of 7…then when you go above God’s authority …665 plus 1 equals 666 = Anti God = Anti Christ= Mark of the beast……so I figured that the Mark of the beast is most likely an act of the Beast going above God’s authority

    When I read the Bible….I feel a strong Holy force through my eyes and body……I believe that anybody God gives this power won’t live for a long time because he might become corrupted…..I rather die and make it to heaven than become corrupted

    Thank you Father through Jesus Christ our Lord because You have given me an answer…Finally I understand what Life is about, it’s just a test to see if we are really worthy of living the eternal life in Heaven. Thanks for been a Faithful God

    September 11 disaster-> 9-11-2001= 9+1+1+2+1= 14
    DC train crash 6/22/2009 = 6+2+2+2+9 equals 21 (according to USA today 7 were killed at first)

    London subway attack ….7/7/2005—–> 7 + 7+2+5 = 21
    Bless thier souls

    All these are signs for Humans to repent of our sins

  • ifofrank says:

    Somebody Pleas get this message to mr. ken klein

    The feds are on my back, tapping my phone, monitoring me

    I see visions & I explain things relating to recent world disaster

    I wrote a ten page journal

    certain ppl don’t want my journal on the 2nd coming of christ out there

  • ifofrank says:

    SIGNS OF THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST—relating to cracking the prophetic code
    —————– JOURNAL ——————–
    MATTHEW 24 VS. 32

    I use to live the fast lane life. I mean…..traveling & speeding on the highway & across Counties while on cannabis. At a point, I was racing with a friend of mine from Houston to San Antonio & went 135MPH……I even wanted to go higher but that was the maximum my Car went. I kept on getting away with the fast life. The turning point of my life was when I was driving from San Antonio to College Station while smoking on Cannabis. (I had a final exam the next day. This was second to my final semester in college, I think I took 15 credits that semester, so to me it was like my final semester because the next semester I took only one class).
    A sheriff pulled me over due to my Car tints, he smelt the drug smoke. The sheriff told me that only the truth could set me free that day, I explained that I had a final the next day. He also noted my accent & warned of serious repercussion like deportation. So, I gave up the blunt in the ash tray, He asked if I had any left, knowing fully well that lying to the sheriff could get me in Jail.
    I looked him in the eyes and said no. He searched my car for about 30 minutes or so, even brought out the Ice Cream packet with the Cannabis inside it but somehow he didn’t realize it. I was shaking & thought I was over. He came back wrote me a warning & warned me against doing drugs, he said “Son…you have a great future ahead of you, don’t ruin it by smoking Marijuana”. I believed an Angel saved me that day and after that day I have a kind of respect for Cops, because that man had the power to put me away but spared me. What happened next will seem like a joke, I returned to school with my stubborn head and finished smoking with a pal anyways, I even joke about the whole incident…but deep inside my soul, I knew what the Cop said was a turning point for me.
    So I graduated, tried to avoid the corporate work force for a little while by driving trucks. Trucking was a lonely job, so I gave it up. After that, I moved to San Antonio, series of events before & in San Antonio made me question my constant luck.
    I know people get lucky but mine was always like last minute luck. Sometime always happens at the final minute when it seems like I’m doomed for failure.
    So, I started working as a Case Manager, my work was sloppy at first, didn’t really know much about it. But I quit smoking, months before we had a survey & my detailed abilities with filing picked up. I was recommended for a great job. I felt some folks got envious because I was underestimated due to a sloppy job at first. So I finally noticed that cannabis was impairing my ability, so I just wanted to stop completely.

    One day I went to the river with a friend of mine, I stood by the river & started seeing or imagining dead people floating on the river. We left later on to camp somewhere else, I heard people discussing about how people had died in that River. I kept this to myself. Maybe a coincidence or so I thought. Then at work a Hispanic Co –Worker of mine observed me & would say Frank you are a spiritual person.
    She said her daughter was like that too. One day, I told her “why do you look like you have Cancer?” She was like “Don’t say that! I apologized. We joked around like that a times though. Later on, I heard from another person that she did have Cancer, I felt sorry when I heard this. She told me about her Cancer later on, but I cunningly acted like nothing was wrong, I said sorry & I brought up another topic.
    She kept on saying Frank you are spiritual. Well someday, She came back from somewhere & was nervous, asking if anything happened…I jokingly said “ You are fired” …She told me not to say that……Remember what happened last time with the cancer. The boss called her the next minute & fired her privately. She came back saying I’m really fired. You can’t begin to imagine how bad I felt inside…….
    After couple of similar guesses living with my roommates, we just took it that I was a good guesser. I got tired of the whole thing, and then I called my Mom in Nigeria & asked her “is something wrong with me?” “Is there something about me that you aren’t telling me?” …I explained couple of things to her. My Mom stated she never suspected it was me, A pastor had told her one of her boys is extra ordinary. She thought it was the oldest boy who was calm & loved by everyone or the younger one was constantly reading the Bible. I was the misunderstood child, always in some kind of trouble or another, though whenever I leave…..I was missed a lot. I have always been a curious person, looking at the stars wondering what it would be like on another part of the universe.
    I always had a thing a Church quior wearing whites singing Christmas Carol songs; it gave me this inner peace that I couldn’t explain. I even played Christmas songs during other times of the year. During one of my Case Management visits, I meet an African lady that liked my attitude towards their home & how I respected the house during inspection. She was a very Spiritual Christian; She said “Frank go back to your heritage” “the way you were raised”. Holy Spirit spoke through her. How did she realize that I was raised in Church? I wondered? (my mom and all the fellowships)……growing up I rebelled though. I listened to her, so I started going to a Church close by my house. I got tired of the cannabis smell where I stayed; I didn’t want to get into that anymore, so I decided to move out to my own place.
    God answered my prayers when I met an extraordinary white Texan lady during one of my case management visits. She told me about a bad thing that happened when she was young and I guessed that she was 13 yrs when that occurred & she said yes. She wasn’t surprised at all, but I was totally shocked & terrified that I guessed right again. She told me it was a gift of prophecy & discernment. She said “You might as well give it up & do what God wants you to do in life”
    It was too much for me to hear or handle, I really didn’t want to her that God wanted me to do something. I just wanted to have fun & live a low profile, though somehow I am always talked about….. Like when I made a front page on Campus due to a fight incident, I skipped classes the rest of the semester because it made me uncomfortable to be starred at. I also have a terrible stage fright, it was so bad that when I was having a “D” in some class (due to class skipping). I was told that a presentation would get ma an extra credit & I never showed up for the presentation. With God’s help & also majoring in sociology, I got a little better at being bold. This Texan extraordinary lady saw things, I wouldn’t even talk about, but the message was that I had a mission in life for God.
    My actual first name is Ifechukwu (Light of God), but I wanted to fit in so I choose the middle name Frank.
    Some other time, I was driving & started thinking about the 2006 the Omen (how they joke about the date in the news), I watch a lot of movies, because my Mom deprived me of watching horror or gory movies while I was back home……Then suddenly a Car drove past me with a 666 sticker so I freaked out……
    So at my new Apartment (I never liked that Apartment when I first looked at it, the move was a rush to get away from the cannabis smell, when you quit it …you hate the smell)…..
    @ The middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep, something told me to look at the time…I looked & the time was maybe 2:05am (I added 2+5 = 7… I had done similar thing while with the prophetic lady & said look “7”……she told me it meant in Hebrew)
    After looking at the time, I started reading Andrew Murray “the power of the blood of Christ” given to me by another Texan lady on a Case Management visit, who said Holy Spirit instructed her to do so. While Reading the book, I suddenly became very terrified, the lights started dimming, then it went off…..then back on, I was attacked spiritually. I started screaming & praying, saying “Blood of Christ”.
    The attack was too much, I could have died but Christ saved me that night……..so I ran to the Balcony, I observed the whole neighborhood lights go off like in a pattern…123456789……it started raining, I started crying & knelt down in the rain…raised my two hands to heaven & said “Father forgive me for I’ve sinned over & over against you”….I felt like I was been baptized by the rain into a total different person……
    This whole thing happened under maybe 15 minutes, but I kid you not it felt like eternity, like I was being tormented in hell. I became scared of sleeping in my own Apartment. That night, was like a Spiritual battle, I had no rest, I would sleep for a little while & feel a force pressing on my chest, I would try to say Jesus, and this force would cover my mouth. I would have to struggle to get up.
    You can imagine going through this by yourself alone. When I finally get up, I would look at the time, it would say (4:03 am or 4:19am or 5:02am or 5:18am…always added up to multiples of 7)
    Next morning, I called the Prophetess & she was praying for me. This experience was still too much for me & I tried to reach out to older folks.
    A mistake I made was telling my Boss about how I sometimes guessed things ahead of time. I also naively went & shared this whole time thing with my Boss’ Mom as an older wiser lady. The Story got out and I was raged…well long story short, my Temper got the worse of me, I was fired by the CEO herself due to Disorderly conduct. Being the hot head I was back then, I believe I said something smart to her directly.

    Soon I was being followed & bugged by the Secret Service, because I also stated that I came to the United States on 9/4/2001 & 7 days later 9/11/2001 occurred which is true.
    So I did a Security job, then got a Bank job which as much as I am successful at my Bank, I hate it that much, kind of like a love & hate relationship at the same time.
    So since May 2008…this whole 7 thing had haunted me, U.S. stock market going down 700 points & so on….. I also started looking numbers adding up to multiples of 7. Even Car plate numbers, soon I noticed something in a picture that I took when I was young…Car plate number showing (59)

    After all these events, My faith still wasn’t steady…and whenever I backslided the Lord becomes Angry at me & shows his mighty hand against me. But when I start going to Church again & reading the Bible…I find myself happy & I am at peace.
    I also noticed that whoever tried to hurt me gets hurt by God eventually & as I increased my Faith in Christ.
    Every time I try to contradict God’s plan, something bad happens to me. For example, I wanted to join the U.S. Air force, broke my knee, MRI shows nothing but my knee still hurts like it’s broken.
    Back to the Secret Service
    The agents would try to duplicate God’s sign by driving around in front of me with Car plate numbers ex. WR716X…adding up to multiples of 7… This is an act of mocking God…it made me angry but I adapted to human cleverness which is stupidity in God’s eyes. Other things also happened at work, for example I would make 76 sales…with a conversion rate of 8.85% (7 multiple..8+8+5) on a print out (I would see 8.86% in my computer score card) this was an act of who do you think you are?
    The thing was, after the incident at my old job, I was never comfortable with the whole 7 thing anymore, so I tried to conceal it, but I was still been monitored.
    A lot of times, after praying….I would look at the time & it would say “8.06am” or “10.06 am”…etc.
    I would even observe plate number at work with numbers like (zz43xx…..df68ff….tx07cv) always packed next to me on purpose. You have to really use an expert to monitor an individual to be able to engineer this. I was basically a Lab Rat.
    Soon…disasters started occurring like the Yemen Plan Crash 626 Bless their souls. (Adding up to 14 multiple of 7) where again a 14 years old girl survives according to http://www.guardian.co.uk/ ………Msn news…….
    Some news had a different age.
    Then the Tehran election where…at first 7 ppl were killed at first according to the news. Italian train accident…. 14 ppl died at first…..then numbers went up to 16 ppl. I pray for these folks & I believe these are signs for Humanity to repent of our terrible sins, this includes me because I use to mock Christ followers in the past.
    September 11 disaster-> 9-11-2001= 9+1+1+2+1= 14
    DC train crash 6/22/2009 = 6+2+2+2+9 equals 21 (according to USA today 7 were killed at first)
    London subway attack ….7/7/2005—-? 21
    May their souls rest in peace….
    All these are signs for Humans to repent of our sins

    Media would have mockery news like “70,000 bees invades Kansas Church”…Come on! You can’t count 70000 bees, are you serious? bee number 1 …bee number 6001…?
    This was to obtain what my reaction would like be on seeing such news…result of me being a lab rat.
    I also prayed for God to forgive those that were after me……if only they knew the powerful force behind me, they wouldn’t come after me.
    The Holy Spirit would wake me through a strong vibration around my body to pray & read the bible at night.
    In 2009….The force came back really intense & strong to the extent that when I read the Bible….I feel a strong Holy force through my eyes and body ( Kind of like your body is a high voltage Truck & your eyes are the head lights with high beams on) Nothing has ever felt as good as this.
    This ability is something else, I became paranoid because of this, till I got used to it
    Then I watched a documentary called “Cracking the Prophetic Code” on a Christian Channel…….the 666 part of that documentary drew my attention.
    I began to wonder why one day in 2008 while I was still in denial…I was reading the Bible…I left to do something else….then the fan air blew the pages all the way to Revelations I believe pg “1303”…..I was shocked when this happened & read about the “The Scroll & the Lamb”
    I avoided reading the Book of Revelation after that incident…still in denial.

    So one 2009 morning, I was reading Revelations 13 vs. 18….about the real meaning of “666”
    …..I know that 700 is God’s number (multiple of 7) …so I tried 700 minus 34 equals 666…still doesn’t make any sense…
    then after a while, here is what I discovered 700 minus 35 equals 665 is still God’s number, then when you go above God’s authority = 665 plus 1 = 666 = Anti God = Anti Christ= Mark of the beast……
    So I figured that the Mark of the beast is most likely an act of the Beast going above God’s authority & rebelling against God.
    This wasn’t by my own ability, the Holy Spirit revealed this to me, so I take no credit in this discovery.
    I believe everything on Earth can be used for good or evil. Science can be used for good by reaching everybody around the world but a times we take it too far when we question whether God really created us. Look at the Human face, our face is a representation of our body. The face’s major organs are two eyes, two ears, two Nose holes & one mouth hole adding up to 7, which is God’s divine number of completion.

    Thinking back now, I realized I was employed as a Case Manager in May 2007 & started working May 31st 2007 and then I started seeing those visions constantly in 2007, which was seven years after the year 2000. Besides me, I believe there are other prophets out there who will see things. We are in the 21st century & this century will be a significant century of signs & wonders.

    This was a letter that I sent to Roberts Liardon & the letter never even made it to the address & was sent back to me with a return sign & a huge hand on it, I never took that likely…….My anger got to me & I destroyed the envelope, I should have kept it.

    Dear Roberts,
    I just finished reading your book “I saw Heaven”. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. I never heard about you before and your book was sent to me from my mom back in Nigeria. I believe everything you said in your book. When I got to Chapter 5 pg 47, where Jesus told you go with power and faith, I started crying. I cried because I felt electricity from head to toe and I was overwhelmed by it. The reason my mom sent me couple of Christian books including yours was due to an experience I had in 2008 reading Andrew Murray’s “The power of the Blood of Christ”. I never finished that book because it scared me due to a spiritual encounter I had. It was too much for me and I was attacked spiritually. I believe I could have died that night if not for Christ’s sake. I had your book since last year but I didn’t get to read it till now because my faith wasn’t steady, however I know the truth that God exists due to my past experience and it’s now up to me to live a faithful life and I pray that Holy Spirit guides me through everyday temptations. Thanks, it was a wonderful experience. God bless you & your ministry.

    Frank Okeke.
    832 7522487
    These ppl divert emails to my junk folder

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